An exciting glimpse into my rich and fruitful life

Oh God I had a cerrraaazy day yesterday. Every day I have a sandwich for lunch, but today I had no filler so I was like well I could just have some toast instead, but I really do enjoy a cheese sandwich, so I went to Tesco to get some cheese but then I remembered that Tesco is shut at the moment, so I went to Sainsbury’s instead, which is at least another five minutes added to my journey, and all I could think was how annoying it was because I had a busy day planned watching animal videos on Youtube, and I had left a Sims family unattended on my laptop. When I went to pay for the cheese I only had a £20 note, and I don’t think the cashier was very happy with me because I had brought the smallest pack of mild cheddar which was just under £2 (I really had to resist buying one of those mini assortment packs LOL what am I like), but when I got home and looked in the bread packet I realised there was only the crust left and I was like fuck this, I’m having a crumpet.


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