Game of Thrones is Very Misleading.

When I heard that season four of Game of Thrones was coming to our telly-boxes real soon, I was all like Jeeeesus, how much of this shit can people take? Surely even Celebrity Big Brother is better than GOT (as seasoned Throner Boners call it), and that’s just a bunch of big-titted idiots bumping uglies with the UK’s most braindead boyband has-been. That’s until I found out that I’d got it completely wrong, and Game Of Thrones was not in fact an extremely elaborate and expensive game of musical chairs in which participants dance to medieval music, and the one who doesn’t get a throne when the music stops must remove all their clothes and wait for Peter Dinklage. It’s a real TV drama*.





*I have not watched Game of Thrones.


3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones is Very Misleading.

      • 🙂 Whew! Close call! (Although I do use tags to cut off the blog posts before I drop spoilers, the main page is safe to skim through. More or less.)

        I do have a ton of Game of Thrones stuff on there as well, spoiling stuff up through the third season.

        So tread lightly if you return.

        Best regards!

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