A Photo a Day Keeps Everyone Away

A glimpse into my extensive collection of blurry and irrelevant photographs. 

March 23rd 2015


Trying to find any excuse to use this in a work blog post

November 4th 2014


Mia Wallace and Frank before they drank lots of Southern Comfort and ate a ton of vodka jelly.

October 26th 2014


Found the perfect cake to present to my mum on her afternoon tea hen party.

May 25th 2013


Yeah it is my birthday this month, mum, but I completely understand; buying a new ink cartridge is a MUCH bigger occasion

March 31st 2013


Pretty much got my mum spot on.

February 24th 2013


This is a pheasant that my mum’s had in her back garden for a few weeks. He’s really cute and scary. I’ve called him Donatella because I think it looks like he’s wearing a fancy suit. The last time I saw a pheasant this close was when one flew into the window when I was on the school bus. I just want to look after him and then make soup out of him (joking).

January 10th 2013


It’s things like this that make me genuinely fearful of pre-pubescent girls

January 7th 2012


When I asked my dad if I could use his scanner to scan something important, I don’t think this is what he had in mind.

December 18th 2012


Dear diary,

The year is 1902. Upon my arrival at Ellis Island I was disappointed to find that none of the meat here is kosher. Guess I’ll just stick to the matzah balls. Oy vey!

Esther Goldstein

December 15th 2012


The most useless piece of tinsel ever. My mum really needs to get some new tinsel, this is older than me

December 12th 2012


Do the laws on GBH become more lenient when you punch twee, smug couples like this in the face? STOP TREATING THE TUBE LIKE A GAME OF SEVEN MINUTES IN HEAVEN YOU A-HOLES

November 21st 2012

Christmas reading material

November 9th 2012

I once gave this picture to a potential employer in an attempt to get a job. Suffice to say, I didn’t get it.

November 7th 2012

Tuesday night television has never looked so interesting

November 2nd 2012

A couple of my uni friends are coming down this evening. I think we will celebrate with some fine university cuisine like this (that’s a peperami. Just, FYI).

October 30th 2012

When I was looking through photos for today’s post, I found this one on my phone. It was when I was doing my degree on Playboy, and their website went down. I was resisting the urge to tell the help centre that I was a 21 year old girl doing her dissertation, not a 40 year old man wanting to look at boobs.

October 29th 2012

I sent this adorable picture to my friend Becky. She sent me a message back saying “Stop sending me pictures of your sister’s cat.”

October 28th 2012

My dad really needs to get some more up-to-date cookbooks…

October 25th 2012

I caught a fly – yes A FLY – under this mug about two weeks ago. I could boast about my super quick reflexes right now, but anyone who’s seen me try and catch a ball knows this is most definitely not the case. The truth is, it was like the Alex Reid of flies – big but not so clever. But now I am scared to lift it up and dispose of the corpse. I just know there’s going to be a teeny tiny skeleton under there, and that freaks me out.

October 24th 2012

Olivia just sent me this text from work. I think it’s been a slow day.


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